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IEEE Projects Titles 2021-2022 | Final Year Projects Titles  2021-2022

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IEEE 2021-2022 MATLAB Project Titles

1. SpineParseNet: Spine Parsing for Volumetric MR Image by a Two-Stage Segmentation Framework With Semantic Image Representation 2021-2022
2. Reconstructing Undersampled Photoacoustic Microscopy Images Using Deep Learning 2021-2022
3. Semi-Reference Sonar Image Quality Assessment Based on Task and Visual Perception 2021-2022
4. Neural Image Compression for Gigapixel Histopathology Image Analysis 2021-2022
5. CNN-Based Ultrasound Image Reconstruction for Ultrafast Displacement Tracking 2021-2022
6. A Novel Fast Single Image Dehazing Algorithm Based on Artificial Multiexposure Image Fusion 2021-2022
7. Interpretable Detail-Fidelity Attention Network for Single Image Super-Resolution 2021-2022
8. Contrast Enhancement of Multiple Tissues in MR Brain Images With Reversibility 2021-2022
9. A Supervised Segmentation Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification 2021-2022
10. A Content-based Image Retrieval Scheme Using Compressible Encrypted Images 2021-2022
11. A New Image Encryption Algorithm for Grey and Color Medical Images 2021-2022
12. Quantitative Evaluation of an Automated Cone-Based Breast Ultrasound Scanner for MRI–3D US Image Fusion 2021-2022
13. Compressive Spectral Imaging Via Virtual Side Information 2021-2022
14. SAR image de-noising via grouping-based PCA and guided filter 2021-2022
15. Distributed Learning and Inference With Compressed Images 2021-2022
16. An Image Reconstruction Method of Capacitively Coupled Electrical Impedance Tomography (CCEIT) Based on DBSCAN and Image Fusion 2021-2022
17. Coarse-to-Fine Lung Nodule Segmentation in CT Images With Image Enhancement and Dual-Branch Network 2021-2022
18. Rings for Privacy: An Architecture for Large Scale Privacy-Preserving Data Mining 2021-2022
19. Cine Cardiac MRI Motion Artifact Reduction Using a Recurrent Neural Network 2021-2022
20. Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based on Nonsymmetry and Anti-Packing Pattern Representation Model 2021-2022
21. A Wide Multimodal Dense U-Net for Fast Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2021-2022
22. Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based on Nonsymmetry and Anti-Packing Pattern Representation Model 2021-2022
23.Boosting Single Image Super-Resolution Learnt From Implicit Multi-Image Prior 2021-2022
24. Optimizing an Image Coding Framework with Deep Learning-based Pre- and Post-Processing 2021-2022
25. Distributed Learning and Inference With Compressed Images 2021-2022
26. Determination of Soil Moisture Content using Image Processing -A Survey 2021-2022
27. High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Captioning Based on Structured Attention 2021-2022
28. A Framework for Hexagonal Image Processing Using Hexagonal Pixel-Perfect Approximations in Subpixel Resolution 2021-2022
29. Correcting Higher Order Aberrations Using Image Processing 2021-2022
30. DenseNet model with RAdam optimization algorithm for cancer image classification 2021-2022
31. Technical analysis of intelligent image processing of tea 2021-2022
32. Adversarial Attack Against Deep Saliency Models Powered by Non-Redundant Priors 2021-2022
33. Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Network With Category-Centric Prototype Aligner for Biomedical Image Segmentation 2021-2022
34. Transfer Learning for Automatic Brain Tumor Classification Using MRI Images 2021-2022
35.Cubemap-Based Perception-Driven Blind Quality Assessment for 360-degree Images 2021-2022
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