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IoT IEEE Project Titles 2021-2022

IEEE Projects Titles 2021 -2022 | IoT IEEE  Project Titles 2021-2022 for  Final Year 

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IEEE 2021-2022 IOT Project Titles

1. Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Smart Healthcare: A Case Study of Voice Pathology Detection 2021-2022
2. Towards Blockchain for Suitable Efficiency and Data Integrity of IoT Ecosystem Transactions 2021-2022
3. Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Smart Healthcare: A Case Study of Voice Pathology Detection 2021-2022
4. Edge computing-based joint client selection and networking scheme for federated learning in vehicular IoT 2021-2022
5. Prediction of Re-Occurrences of Spoofed ACK Packets Sent to Deflate a Target Wireless Sensor Network Node by DDOS 2021-2022
6. iGCACS-IoD: An Improved Certificate-Enabled Generic Access Control Scheme for Internet of Drones Deployment 2021-2022
7. Continuous-Phase Modulation for DFT-Spread Localized OFDM 2021-2022
8. Cooperative Caching Scheme for Machine-to-Machine Information-Centric IoT Networks 2021-2022
9. Multi-Label Data Fusion to Support Agricultural Vulnerability Assessments 2021-2022
10. Link Resource Allocation Strategy Based on Age of Information and Sample Extrusion Awareness in Dynamic Channels 2021-2022
11. B5G-Enabled Distributed Artificial Intelligence on Edges for COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak Prediction 2021-2022
12. Pandemic Management for Diseases Similar to COVID-19 Using Deep Learning and 5G Communications 2021-2022
13. Pandemic Management for Diseases Similar to COVID-19 Using Deep Learning and 5G Communications 2021-2022
14. Optimization of IoT-Based Artificial Intelligence Assisted Telemedicine Health Analysis System 2021-2022
15. Towards Enhancing Spectrum Sensing: Signal Classification Using Autoencoders 2021-2022
16. Intelligent Behavior-Based Malware Detection System on Cloud Computing Environment 2021-2022
17. Incorporating Artificial Fish Swarm in Ensemble Classification Framework for Recurrence Prediction of Cervical Cancer 2021-2022
18. ML-LGBM: A Machine Learning Model Based on Light Gradient Boosting Machine for the Detection of Version Number Attacks in RPL-Based Networks 2021-2022
19. Provable Privacy Preserving Authentication Solution for Internet of Things Environment 2021-2022
20. Optimized Energy – Efficient Path Planning Strategy in WSN With Multiple Mobile Sinks 2021-2022
21. Comparing Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Downlink Performance for Industrial IoT 2021-2022
22. ICT Enabled TVET Education: A Systematic Literature Review 2021-2022
23. On Performance of PBFT Blockchain Consensus Algorithm for IoT-Applications With Constrained Devices 2021-2022
24. Improvement of β-Ga2O3 MIS-SBD Interface Using Al-Reacted Interfacial Layer 2021-2022
25. A Lightweight PUF-Based Authentication Protocol Using Secret Pattern Recognition for Constrained IoT Devices 2021-2022
26. Novel Differential r-Vectors for Localization in IoT Networks 2021-2022
27. Towards Secured Online Monitoring for Digitalized GIS Against Cyber-Attacks Based on IoT and Machine Learning 2021-2022
28. Chipless RFID Multisensor for Temperature Sensing and Crack Monitoring in an IoT Environment 2021-2022
29. Electric Model for Electromagnetic Wave Fields 2021-2022
30. Node ranking strategy in virtual network embedding: An overview 2021-2022
31. Node ranking strategy in virtual network embedding: An overview 2021-2022
32. Toward a Wearable Crowdsource System to Monitor Respiratory Symptoms for Pandemic Early Warning 2021-2022
33. SSII: Secured and High-Quality Steganography Using Intelligent Hybrid Optimization Algorithms for IoT 2021-2022
34. Dielectric Relaxational Phenomena in Interacting Composite Structures 2021-2022
35. MABAN: Multi-Agent Boundary-Aware Network for Natural Language Moment Retrieval 2021-2022
36. Bluetooth Signal Attenuation Analysis in Human Body Tissue Analogues 2021-2022
37. Capacity-Driven Autoencoders for Communications 2021-2022
38. Anti-balance Load Control System Applied to an Overhead Crane Prototype Activated by Voice Commands 2021-2022
39. Modelling of Transmission Lines Inside Modern Integrated Semiconductor and Test Boards 2021-2022
40. Ultrathin Three-Axis FBG Wrist Force Sensor for Collaborative Robots 2021-2022
41. Heart-rate analysis of healthy and insomnia groups with detrended fractal dimension feature in edge 2021-2022
42. Energy-Efficient Offloading for DNN-Based Smart IoT Systems in Cloud-Edge Environments 2021-2022
43. A Secure and LoRaWAN Compatible User Authentication Protocol for Critical Applications in the IoT Environment 2021-2022
44. A Proactive Manufacturing Resources Assignment Method Based on Production Performance Prediction for the Smart Factory 2021-2022
45. Dynamic Edge and Cloud Service Integration for Industrial IoT and Production Monitoring Application of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems 2021-2022
46. Practical Membership Inference Attack Against Collaborative Inference in Industrial IoT 2021-2022
47. Combinatorial Analysis for Securing IoT-Assisted Industry 4.0 Applications From Vulnerability-Based Attacks 2021-2022
48. Federated Deep Learning for Cyber Security in the Internet of Things: Concepts, Applications, and Experimental Analysis 2021-2022
49. Iot-Based Interdigital Capacitance Sensing System for Damage Detection in CFRP-Concrete Structures 2021-2022
50. Enhancing the Performance of Light Weight Configurable PUF for Robust IoT Hardware-Assisted Security 2021-2022
51. A Framework for IoT Based Appliance Recognition in Smart Homes 2021-2022
52. AgriFusion: An Architecture for IoT and Emerging Technologies Based on a precision Agriculture Survey 2021-2022
53. Using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) and Internet of Things(IOT) for Localized Surface Temperature Forecasting in an Urban Environment 2021-2022
54. Quantum-Resistant Cryptography for the Internet of Things Based on Location Based Lattices 2021-2022
55. Trustworthy Blockchain Gateways for Resource-Constrained Clients and IoT Devices 2021-2022
56. IoT Inspired Intelligent Monitoring and Reporting Framework for Education 4.0 2021-2022
57. Lightweight Three-Factor-Based-Preserving Authentication Scheme for IoT-Enabled Smart Homes 2021-2022
58. Machine Learning Based Indoor Localization Using Wi-Fi RSSI Figerprints: An Overview 2021-2022
59. A Robust Device-to-Device Continuous Authentication Protocol for the Internet of Things 2021-2022
60. A Review of Security Standards and Framework for IoT-Based Smart Environments 2021-2022
61. Energy Harvesting and Power Management for IoT Devices in the 5G Era 2021-2022
62. LiHEA; Migrating EEG Analytics to Ultra-Edge IoT Devices With Logic-in-Headbands 2021-2022
1. IoT based Smart Home Automation System using Sensor Node 2021 -2022
2. Advanced IOT Based Combined Remote Health Monitoring, Home Automation and Alarm System 2021 -2022
3. Efficient IOT Based Smart Bin for Clean Environment 2021 -2022
4. Prototype Residence Monitoring and Automation System Using Microcontroller Arduino 2021 -2022
5. IOT based controlling of hybrid energy system using ESP8266 2021 -2022
6. IoT Based Automobile Air Pollution Monitoring System 2021 -2022
7. IoT Based Reliability End To End Analysis Of A Smart Agriculture 2021 -2022
8. IoT based Interactive Industrial Home wireless system, Energy management system and embedded data acquisition system to display on web page using GPRS&SMS 2021 -2022
9. Energy Efficiency For IoT Devices In Home Environments 2021 -2022
10. Optical Based Non Invasive Glucometer with IoT 2021 -2022
11. IoT Cloud Based Real Time Automobile Monitoring System 2021 -2022
12. Motion Detection and Tracking using Microwave sensor for eliminating illegal mine activities 2021 -2022
13. Towards the Self-Powered Internet of Things (IOT) by Energy Harvesting: Trends and Technologies for Green IOT 2021 -2022
14. Implementation of room automation with cloud based monitoring system 2021 -2022
15. Monitoring of IoT Data for Reducing Network Traffic 2021 -2022
16. Power Management In IoT Weather Station 2021 -2022
1. An Application in to Organize and Monitoring Earthquake Disaster Location with the Robot Control System 2021 -2022
2. Design of Smart Lock System for Doors with Special Features using Bluetooth Technology 2021 -2022
3. Smart Helmet Wearable Multichannel Electrocardiogram And EEG 2021 -2022
4. Smart gate 2021 -2022
5. Movement Decomposition and Machine Learning Based Fall Detection System Using Wrist Wearable Device 2021 -2022
6. Door automation system based on speech command and PIN using Android smart phone 2021 -2022
7. Development of Device for Gesture To Speech Conversion For The Mute Community 2021 -2022
8. Development of a Novel Approach to Enhance the performance of real time intelligent Telemetry based Irrigation System 2021 -2022
9. Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Laboratory 2021 -2022
10. Android Based PLC Data Monitoring Interface with Industrial Data Communication Port 2021 -2022
raspberry pi
1. Environment Monitoring System using Raspberry-Pi 2021 -2022
2. Instant Follow-Up Of Garbage Disposal Using Raspberry Pi 2021 -2022
3. Instant Follow-Up Of Garbage Disposal Using Raspberry Pi 2021 -2022
4. Accident Prevention Methodology By Chauffeur Monitoring System Using Raspberry-Pi 2021 -2022
5. A Smart System For Robbery Detection And Alerting System Using Single Board Computer 2021 -2022
6. Raspberry-Pi Based Secured Transaction System 2021 -2022
7. Cyberspace Surveillance And Controlling Of Mobile Robot Via Internet Through Raspberry Pi Board 2021 -2022
8. Advanced IOT Based Combined Remote Health Monitoring, Home Automation and Alarm System 2021 -2022
9. An SBC Based Smart Vehicle Surveillance System 2021 -2022
10. IOT Based Flame Sensing, Alerting And Controlling System Using SBC 2021 -2022
11. Health Monitoring Systems using IOT and Raspberry Pi – A Review 2021 -2022
12. Smart Home Garden Irrigation System Using Raspberry Pi 2021 -2022
13. Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification using Image Processing Technique 2021 -2022
14. Server Based Automated Robotic Control For Industrial Workspace 2021 -2022
15. A Real Time Vehicle Based Image Extraction & Estimation System Using Raspberry Pi 2021 -2022
16. Smart Toll Collection System using Embedded Linux Environment 2021 -2022
17. A modern technique enabling object parameter tracking and monitoring system 2021 -2022
18. A novel technique enabling text to speech signal converting system using raspberry pi 2021 -2022


1. Gsm based fire alert 2021-2022
2. No parking alert 2021-2022
3. Iot based home automation 2021-2022
4. Voting machine 2021-2022
5. Smart agri iot monitoring 2021-2022
6. Smart wireless fire extinguisher 2021-2022
7. Womens safety iot gsm gps 2021-2022
8. Smart medibox 2021-2022
9. Smart dustbin 2021-2022
10. Smart agri monitoring 2021-2022
11. Solar panel temperature monitoring 2021-2022
12. Gps display and alert system 2021-2022
13. Solar dehydrator 2021-2022
14. Railway based accident prevention 2021-2022
15. Vehicle accident information 2021-2022
16. Womens safety iot gsm gps 2021-2022
17. Womens safety iot gsm gps 2021-2022
18. Smart shopping trolley 2021-2022
19. Smart shopping trolley with iot 2021-2022
20. Gsm based prepaid energy meter 2021-2022
21. Ultrasonic blind walking stick 2021-2022
22. Border crossing system 2021-2022
23. Fuel theft detection using arm 2021-2022
24. Zigbee based intelligent vehicle security 2021-2022
25. Finger print based biometric voting 2021-2022
26. Iot based bridge monitoring 2021-2022
27. Home security system 2021-2022
28. Marine iot 2021-2022
29. Street light detet problems and energy savings 2021-2022
30. Smart self cleaning solar panel 2021-2022
31. Smart shopping trolley 2021-2022
32. Integrated iot field talks 2021-2022
33. Forest fire detection 2021-2022
34. Fire safety and water quality 2021-2022
35. Artificial inteligence vision detection 2021-2022
36. Human body monitoring-fitbits 2021-2022
37. Smart bin 2021-2022
38. Raspberry pi based fire detection 2021-2022
39. Iot based home automation 2021-2022
40. Smart agricture monitoring 2021-2022
41. Power mppt inverter 2021-2022
42. Flexible power analysis 2021-2022
43. Fingerprint iot 2021-2022
44. Womens safety iot gsm gps 2021-2022
45. Womens safety iot gsm gps 2021-2022
46. Women safety-smart shoe 2021-2022