Digital Image Processing IEEE Projects 2015

Digital Image Processing IEEE Projects 2015-2016

Digital Image Processing IEEE Projects Title 2015-2016

Digital Image Processing 2015-2016

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1 Image Sensor-Based Heart Rate Evaluation From Face Reflectance Using Hilbert-Huang Transform LM_MI015_01
2 Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis LM_MI015_02
3 High-resolution face verification using pore-scale facial features LM_MI015_03
4 Image Denoising by Exploring External and Internal Correlations LM_MI015_04
5 Face Recognition Across Non-Uniform Motion Blur, Illumination, and Pose LM_MI015_05
6 Multi-Task Pose-Invariant Face Recognition LM_MI015_06
7 General-purpose road boundary detection with stereo camera LM_MI015_07
8 Weighted Guided Image Filtering LM_MI015_08
9 Classification on the Monogenic Scale Space: Application to Target Recognition in SAR Image LM_MI015_09
10 Robust Representation and Recognition of Facial Emotions Using Extreme Sparse Learning LM_MI015_10
11 Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Gradient Profile Sharpness LM_MI015_11
12 Iterative Vessel Segmentation of Fundus Images LM_MI015_12
13 DERF: Distinctive Efficient Robust Features From the Biological Modeling of the P Ganglion Cells LM_MI015_13
14 Learning Fingerprint Reconstruction: From Minutiae to Image LM_MI015_14
15 Video Tracking Using Learned Hierarchical Features LM_MI015_15
16 Entropy-Based Evaluation of Context Models for Wavelet-Transformed Images LM_MI015_16
17 A Source-Channel Coding Approach to Digital Image Protection and Self-Recovery LM_MI015_17
18 Blind Inpainting Using L0 and Total Variation Regularization LM_MI015_18
19 Background Subtraction Based on Low-Rank and Structured Sparse Decomposition LM_MI015_19
20 Deskewing of Underwater Images LM_MI015_20
21 Matching of Large Images through Coupled Decomposition LM_MI015_21
22 A Global/Local Affinity Graph for Image Segmentation LM_MI015_22
23 Iris detection for gaze tracking using video frames LM_MI015_23
24 Reversible Image Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement LM_MI015_24
25 Progressive Halftone Watermarking Using Multilayer Table Lookup Strategy LM_MI015_25
26 Image Sensor-Based Heart Rate Evaluation From Face Reflectance Using Hilbert-Huang Transform LM_MI015_26
27 Vector sparse representation of color image using quaternion matrix analysis LM_MI015_27
28 Image Sensor-Based Heart Rate Evaluation From Face Reflectance Using Hilbert-Huang Transform LM_MI015_28
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