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Power Electronics Project Titles 2021-2022

IEEE Projects Titles 2021-2022 | Power Electronics Project Titles 2021-2022

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IEEE 2021-2022 Power Electronics Project Titles

1. An Improved Three-Stages Cascading Passivity-Based Control of Grid-Connected LCL Converter in Unbalanced Weak Grid Condition 2021-2022
2. Study on Battery Charging Strategy of Electric Vehicles Considering Battery Capacity 2021-2022
3. Extended Geometric Feature Extraction Process for Detecting Multiple Frequency Oscillations in KEPCO System 2021-2022
4. Parameter Adjustment for the Droop Control Operating a Discharge PEC in PMG-Based WECSs With Generator-Charged Battery Units 2021-2022
5. Fuzzy Logic Control for Solar PV Fed Modular Multilevel Inverter Towards Marine Water Pumping Applications 2021-2022
6. A Comprehensive Review of Microgrid Control Mechanism and Impact Assessment for Hybrid Renewable Energy Integration 2021-2022
7. Review of Methods to Accelerate Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Power Systems 2021-2022
8. Reliability of Silicon Battery Technology and Power Electronics Based Energy Conversion 2021-2022
9. Design and Application of a Self-Powered Dual-Stage Circuit for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems 2021-2022
10. An Active Voltage Stabilizer for a DC Microgrid System 2021-2022
11. A Transformer-Less Voltage Equalizer for Energy Storage Cells Based on Double-Tiered Multi-Stacked Converters 2021-2022
12.Modified Phase-Shift Scheme for Optimal Transient Response of Dual-Active-Bridge DC/DC Converters Considering the Resistive Impact 2021-2022
13. The Evolution of Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling 2021-2022
14. WBG-Based PEBB Module for High Reliability Power Converters 2021-2022
15. Voltage Lift Switched Inductor Double Leg Converter With Extended Duty Ratio for DC Microgrid Application 2021-2022
16. Comparative Analysis of Hybrid NPP and NPC Seven-Level Inverter With Switched-Capacitor 2021-2022
17. Improved Damping Control Method for Grid-Forming Converters Using LQR and Optimally Weighted Feedback Control Loops 2021-2022
18. Improved Dynamic Response of DC Microgrid Under Transient Condition Using Inertia by Virtual Generation 2021-2022
19. High-Power and High-Responsivity Avalanche Photodiodes for Self-Heterodyne FMCW Lidar System Applications 2021-2022
20. Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Low-Complexity Discrete Fourier Transform Spatial Sampling 2021-2022
21. An Experimental Investigation on Output Power Enhancement With Offline Reconfiguration for Non-Uniform Aging Photovoltaic Array to Maximise Economic Benefit 2021-2022
22. On the Generalization and Reliability of Single Radar-Based Human Activity Recognition 2021-2022
23. Polarity Effect of Impulse Conditioning Characteristics under a Uniform Electric Field in Vacuum 2021-2022
24. Space Charge Behavior of Quantum Dot-Doped Polystyrene Polymers  2021-2022
25. A Method of Tuning Frequency in S-Band Continuous-Wave Magnetron  2021-2022
26. MOPGO: A New Physics-Based Multi-Objective Plasma Generation Optimizer for Solving Structural Optimization Problems  2021-2022
27. Area and Power-Efficient Capacitively-Coupled Chopper Instrumentation Amplifiers in 28 nm CMOS for Multi-Channel Biosensing Applications  2021-2022
28. Machine Learning Based Intentional Islanding Algorithm for DERs in Disaster Management  2021-2022
29. A Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Suppression Strategy for Doubly Fed Wind Power Generation System  2021-2022
30. Faulty Line Identification Method Based on Bayesian Optimization for Distribution Network  2021-2022
31. New Four-Channel Resonant Boost DC/DC Converter  2021-2022
32. An Autonomous Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna Using Slotline Open-Loop Resonators  2021-2022
33. Impedance Modeling and Stability Analysis of Three-Phase Four-Leg Grid-Connected Inverter Considering Zero-Sequence  2021-2022
34. Comparison of Fuzzy and ANFIS Controllers for Asymmetrical 31-Level Cascaded Inverter With Super Imposed Carrier PWM Technique  2021-2022
35. Comparison of Fuzzy and ANFIS Controllers for Asymmetrical 31-Level Cascaded Inverter With Super Imposed Carrier PWM Techniquet  2021-2022
36. Comparison of Fuzzy and ANFIS Controllers for Asymmetrical 31-Level Cascaded Inverter With Super Imposed Carrier PWM Technique  2021-2022
37. Efficiency Improvement Scheme for PV Emulator Based on a Physical Equivalent PV-Cell Model  2021-2022
38. Towards Lower Precision Adaptive Filters: Facts From Backward Error Analysis of RLS  2021-2022
39. The Magnetic Energy Harvester With Improved Power Density Using Saturable Magnetizing Inductance Model for Maintenance Applications Near High Voltage Power Line  2021-2022
40. Simplex Search Method Driven Design for Transient Stability Enhancement in Wind Energy Integrated Power System Using Multi-Band PSS4C  2021-2022
41. Application of Numerical Simulation for Metallized Film Capacitors Electrodes Design  2021-2022
42. Enhanced Photo Sensing and Lowered Power Consumption in Concentric MIS Devices by Monitoring Outer Ring Open-Circuit Voltage With Biased Inner Gate  2021-2022
43. Improvement of β-Ga2O3 MIS-SBD Interface Using Al-Reacted Interfacial Layer  2021-2022