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Power Systems Project Titles

IEEE Projects Titles 2021-2022 | Power Systems Project Titles

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IEEE 2021-2022 .Power System Project Titles

1. Observer-Based Fault Tolerant Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems via Filter and Neural Network 2021-2022
2. Switching Transition Control to Improve Efficiency of a DC/DC Power Electronic System 2021-2022
3. Analytical Approach for Fast Frequency Response Control of VSC HVDC 2021-2022
4. Parameter Adjustment for the Droop Control Operating a Discharge PEC in PMG-Based WECSs With Generator-Charged Battery Units 2021-2022
5. Technical and Financial Impacts on Distribution Systems of Integrating Batteries Controlled by Uncoordinated Strategies 2021-2022
6. Distributed Moving Horizon Estimation via Operator Splitting for Automated Robust Power System State Estimation 2021-2022
7. Parameter-Adaptation-Based Virtual DC Motor Control Method for Energy Storage Converter 2021-2022
8. Fast-Slow-Scale Interaction Induced Parallel Resonance and its Suppression in Voltage Source Converters 2021-2022
9. Time-Varying Boundary Layer Based Iterative Learning Control for Nonlinearly Parametric Time-Delay Systems With Arbitrary Initial Errors and Iteration-Varying Reference Trajectories 2021-2022
10. LMSRE-Based Adaptive PI Controller for Enhancing the Performance of an Autonomous Operation of Microgrids 2021-2022
11. An Improved Bipolar Voltage Boost AC Voltage Controller With Reduced Switching Transistors 2021-2022
12. Short-Term Scheduling of a Renewable-Based Microgrid: Stochastic/Economic Battery Modeling 2021-2022
13. 3GPP NR V2X Mode 2: Overview, Models and System-Level Evaluation 2021-2022
14. Masked SABL: A Long Lasting Side-Channel Protection Design Methodology 2021-2022
15. Study on Battery Charging Strategy of Electric Vehicles Considering Battery Capacity 2021-2022
16. An Improved Three-Stages Cascading Passivity-Based Control of Grid-Connected LCL Converter in Unbalanced Weak Grid Condition 2021-2022
17. An Average Consensus Algorithm for Seamless Synchronization of Andronov-Hopf Oscillator Based Multi-Bus Microgrids 2021-2022
18. Extended Geometric Feature Extraction Process for Detecting Multiple Frequency Oscillations in KEPCO System 2021-2022
19. Extended Geometric Feature Extraction Process for Detecting Multiple Frequency Oscillations in KEPCO System 2021-2022
20. Fuzzy Logic Control for Solar PV Fed Modular Multilevel Inverter Towards Marine Water Pumping Applications 2021-2022
21.A Comprehensive Review of Microgrid Control Mechanism and Impact Assessment for Hybrid Renewable Energy Integration 2021-2022
22.Exploiting the Inherent Flexibility in Transmission Network for Optimal Scheduling, Wind Power Utilization, and Network Congestion Management 2021-2022
23. Review of Methods to Accelerate Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Power Systems 2021-2022
24. A Double-Square-Based Electrode Sequence Learning Method for Odor Concentration Identification Using EEG Signals  2021-2022
25. Design and Application of a Self-Powered Dual-Stage Circuit for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems  2021-2022
26. A 2.5MW Wind Turbine TL-EMPC Yaw Strategy Based on Ideal Wind Measurement By LiDAR  2021-2022
27. An Active Voltage Stabilizer for a DC Microgrid System  2021-2022
28. Parallel and Nonparallel Distributed Compensation Controller Design for T-S Fuzzy Discrete Singular Systems With Distinct Difference Item Matrices  2021-2022
29. A Transformer-Less Voltage Equalizer for Energy Storage Cells Based on Double-Tiered Multi-Stacked Converters  2021-2022
30. Asynchronous Gate Signal Driving Method for Reducing Current Imbalance of Paralleled IGBT Modules Caused by Driving Circuit Parameter Difference  2021-2022
31. Asynchronous Gate Signal Driving Method for Reducing Current Imbalance of Paralleled IGBT Modules Caused by Driving Circuit Parameter Difference/td>  2021-2022
32. Improved Dynamic Response of DC Microgrid Under Transient Condition Using Inertia by Virtual Generation  2021-2022
33. An Experimental Investigation on Output Power Enhancement With Offline Reconfiguration for Non-Uniform Aging Photovoltaic Array to Maximise Economic Benefit  2021-2022
34. Filters Optimized Tuning for Wind Farms Reactive Power Calculation  2021-2022
35. Assessing the Impact of Sensor-Based Task Scheduling on Battery Lifetime in IoT Devices  2021-2022
36. AC Breakdown Strength and Its By-Products of Eco-Friendly Perfluoroisobutyronitrile/O2/N2 Gas Mixture at High Pressure for HV Equipment  2021-2022
37. Machine Learning Based Intentional Islanding Algorithm for DERs in Disaster Management  2021-2022
38. A Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Suppression Strategy for Doubly Fed Wind Power Generation System  2021-2022
39. Optimal Power Flow Problem Solution Through a Matheuristic Approach  2021-2022
40. Resilience Microgrid as Power System Integrity Protection Scheme Element With Reinforcement Learning Based Management  2021-2022
41. A Simple Space Vector Modulation Method With DC-Link Voltage Balancing and Reduced Common-Mode Voltage Strategy for a Three-Level T-Type Quasi-Z Source Inverter  2021-2022