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IEEE Projects Titles 2021-2022| EMBEDDED SYSTEM IEEE PROJECTS 2021-2022

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LTEM01 Development of High-Performance Force
Sensing Fast Tool Servo
EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM02 Reputation-Based Method to Deal with Bad
Sensor Data
EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM03 Biosensors: A Smart Portable Potentiostat
With Advanced Cloud-Enabled Features
EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM04 A Field Study of Internet of Things-Based
solutions for Automatic Passenger Counting
EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM05 Smart Phone based indoor tracking in
Multiple floor Scenarios
EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM06 Dual-Loop Continuous Control Set Model-Predictive Control for a Three-Phase Unity Power Factor Rectifier EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM07 Fast and Efficient Group Key Exchange in Controller Area Networks(CAN) EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM08 Industrial Automation as a Service: A New Application to Industry 4.0 EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM09 Control Protocol Design and Analysis for Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM10 Dynamic Properties of ElectroChemical Oxygen Gas Sensor and Method to Estimate of New Steady-State EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM11 Smart Home Automation Using Intelligent Electricity Dispatch EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM12 Teaching Embedded Systems and Internet-of-Things Supported by Multiobjective Remote Laboratories EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM13 Design for Piezoelectric MEMS Accelerometer Module and its Application in Surface Roughness Prediction of Fused Silica Substrate EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM14 An Energy-Autonomous Chemical Oxygen Demand Sensor Using a Microbial Fuel Cell and Embedded Machine Learning EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM15 Battery-Less NFC Bicycle Tire Pressure Sensor Based on a Force-Sensing Resistor EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM16 Online Robot Trajectory Optimization for Persistent Environment Monitoring EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM17 Pattern Extraction From Industrial Alarm Flood Sequences by a Modified CloFAST Algorithm EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM18 Dynamic Edge and Cloud Service Integration for Industrial IoT and Production Monitoring Applications of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM19 Smart Meters Enabling Voltage Monitoring and Control: The Last-Mile Stability Issue EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM20 Scalable Wireless Wearing Monitoring System for Harsh Industrial Environment EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM21 Design and Application of a Low-Cost, Low-Power, LoRa-GSM, IoT Enabled System for Monitoring of Groudwater Resources With Energy Harvesting Integration EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM22 Detection and Identification of Mobile Network Signals EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM23 Comparison of Average Total EMF Exposure for Microcell/Macrocell Topologies Using Novel Methodology Based on Operational Network Measurements EMBEDDED 2021-2022
LTEM24 Cable Current Detection With Passive RF Sensing Tags EMBEDDED 2021-2022