VLSI IEEE Project Titles

VLSI IEEE Project Titles | Final Year Projects Titles  2021-2022
VLSI Projects in Pondicherry

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IEEE 2021-2022 VLSI Project Titles

1.Capacitive Modeling of Cylindrical Surrounding Double-Gate MOSFETs for Hybrid RF Applications 2021-2022
2. Dielectric-Modulated Bulk-Planar Junctionless Field-Effect Transistor for Biosensing Applications 2021-2022
3. Fast and Accurate Estimation of Statistical Eye Diagram for Nonlinear High-Speed Links 2021-2022
4. Cost-Effective Test Screening Method on 40-nm Embedded SRAMs for Low-Power MCUs 2021-2022
5. Reusable Delay Path Synthesis for Lightening Asynchronous Pipeline Controller 2021-2022
6. Novel Architecture for Lifting Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform With Arbitrary Tree Structure 2021-2022
7. PWL-Based Architecture for the Logarithmic Computation of Floating-Point Numbers 2021-2022
8. Functional Constraints in the Selection of Two-Cycle Gate-Exhaustive Faults for Test Generation 2021-2022
9. An Efficient Parallel Processor for Dense Tensor Computation 2021-2022
10. A 13-bit 312.5-MS/s Pipelined SAR ADC With Open-Loop Integrator-Based Residue Amplifier and Gain-Stabilized Integration Time Generation 2021-2022
11. PhaseCamouflage: Leveraging Adiabatic Operation to Thwart Reverse Engineering 2021-2022
12. Cryptographic Accelerators for Digital Signature Based on Ed25519 2021-2022
13. A Three-Stage Comparator and Its Modified Version With Fast Speed and Low Kickback 2021-2022
14. A 120–150 GHz Power Amplifier in 28-nm CMOS Achieving 21.9-dB Gain and 11.8-dBm Psat for Sub-THz Imaging System 2021-2022
15. A Bidirectional Nonlinearly Coupled QVCO With Passive Phase Interpolation for Multiphase Signals Generation 2021-2022
16. Comparative Analysis of Hybrid NPP and NPC Seven-Level Inverter With Switched-Capacitor 2021-2022
17. IASSURE: RTL Locking Against an Untrusted Foundry 2021-2022
18. Architectural Exploration for Energy-Efficient Fixed-Point Kalman Filter VLSI Design 2021-2022
19. Parallel and Flexible 5G LDPC Decoder Architecture Targeting FPGA 2021-2022
20. High-Performance Logic-on-Memory Monolithic 3-D IC Designs for Arm Cortex-A Processors 2021-2022
21. DOVA PRO: A Dynamic Overwriting Voltage Adjustment Technique for STT-MRAM L1 Cache Considering Dielectric Breakdown Effect 2021-2022
22. An Ultralow-Power OOK/BFSK/DBPSK Wake-Up Receiver Based on Injection-Locked Oscillator 2021-2022
23. Development of a Photoelectric Adjustment System With Extended Range for Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay Strip Readers 2021-2022
24. AI-Powered Terahertz VLSI Testing Technology for Ensuring Hardware Security and Reliability  2021-2022
25. A Generalized Power Supply Induced Jitter Model Based on Power Supply Rejection Ratio Response  2021-2022
26. Enabling Write-Reduction Multiversion Scheme With Efficient Dual-Range Query Over NVRAM  2021-2022
27. Converter-Free Power Delivery Using Voltage Stacking for Near/Subthreshold Operation  2021-2022
28. An Efficient VLSI Architecture for FastICA by Using the Algebraic Jacobi Method for EVD  2021-2022
29. A 3-Phase Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converter for Data Center 48-V Rack Power Distribution  2021-2022
30. On the Design of a Fault-Tolerant Scalable Three Dimensional NoC-Based Digital Neuromorphic System With On-Chip Learning  2021-2022
31. Splitter Trees in Single Flux Quantum Circuits  2021-2022
32. Analytical Modeling of Jitter in Bang-Bang CDR Circuits Featuring Phase Interpolation  2021-2022
33. ARXON: A Framework for Approximate Communication Over Photonic Networks-on-Chip  2021-2022
34. A 32-Gb/s PAM-4 SST Transmitter With Four-Tap FFE Using High-Impedance Driver in 28-nm FDSOI  2021-2022
35. Design of FPGA-Implemented Reed–Solomon Erasure Code (RS-EC) Decoders With Fault Detection and Location on User Memory  2021-2022
36. An Efficient 3D ReRAM Convolution Processor Design for Binarized Weight Networks  2021-2022
37. A 64.1mW Accurate Real-Time Visual Object Tracking Processor With Spatial Early Stopping on Siamese Network  2021-2022
38. A 43.1TOPS/W Energy-Efficient Absolute-Difference-Accumulation Operation Computing-In-Memory With Computation Reuse  2021-2022
39. The Magnetic Energy Harvester With Improved Power Density Using Saturable Magnetizing Inductance Model for Maintenance Applications Near High Voltage Power Line  2021-2022
40. Simplex Search Method Driven Design for Transient Stability Enhancement in Wind Energy Integrated Power System Using Multi-Band PSS4C  2021-2022
41. Application of Numerical Simulation for Metallized Film Capacitors Electrodes Design  2021-2022
42. Enhanced Photo Sensing and Lowered Power Consumption in Concentric MIS Devices by Monitoring Outer Ring Open-Circuit Voltage With Biased Inner Gate  2021-2022
43. Improvement of β-Ga2O3 MIS-SBD Interface Using Al-Reacted Interfacial Layer  2021-2022
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