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ieee projects in pondicherry

ieee projects in pondicherry

we are published title for the academic year 2015-2016. we are deals with java, j2ee,, ns2, matlab simulation, ieee power system and power electronics simulation and hardware projects, embedded, plc and vlsi projects. ieee projects in pondicherry







1 Efficient Filtering Algorithms for Location-Aware Publish/Subscribe LM_J015_01 ABSTRACT
2 Probabilistic Range Query over Uncertain Moving Objects in Constrained Two-Dimensional Space LM_J015_02 ABSTRACT
3 CrowdOp: Query Optimization for Declarative Crowdsourcing Systems LM_J015_03 ABSTRACT
4 Disease Inference from Health-Related Questions via Sparse Deep Learning LM_J015_04 ABSTRACT
5 Real-Time City-Scale Taxi Ridesharing LM_J015_05 ABSTRACT
6 t-Closeness through Microaggregation: Strict Privacy with Enhanced Utility Preservation LM_J015_06 ABSTRACT


7 A Proximity-aware Interest-clustered P2P File Sharing System LM_J015_07 ABSTRACT
8 Neighbor Similarity Trust against Sybil Attack in P2P E-Commerce LM_J015_08 ABSTRACT
9 Secure and Verifiable Policy Update Outsourcing for Big Data Access Control in the Cloud LM_J015_09 ABSTRACT
10 Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Networks with Multipacket Reception LM_J015_10 ABSTRACT
11 Truthful Greedy Mechanisms for Dynamic Virtual Machine Provisioning and Allocation in Clouds LM_J015_11 ABSTRACT
12 VMbuddies: Coordinating Live Migration of Multi-Tier Applications in Cloud Environments LM_J015_12 ABSTRACT
13 A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication LM_J015_13 ABSTRACT
14 Secure and Distributed Data Discovery and Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks LM_J015_14 ABSTRACT

Dependable and Secure Computing

15 Anonymous Two-Factor Authentication in Distributed Systems: Certain Goals Are Beyond Attainment LM_J015_15 ABSTRACT
16 A Lightweight Secure Scheme for Detecting Provenance Forgery and Packet Drop Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks LM_J015_16 ABSTRACT
17 Secure Data Aggregation Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Collusion Attacks LM_J015_17 ABSTRACT
18 Secure Spatial Top-k Query Processing via Untrusted Location-Based Service Providers LM_J015_18 ABSTRACT
19 Key-Recovery Attacks on KIDS, a Keyed Anomaly Detection System LM_J015_19 ABSTRACT


20 Path Reconstruction in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks Using Compressive Sensing LM_J015_20 ABSTRACT


21 Maximizing P2P File Access Availability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks though Replication for Efficient File Sharing LM_J015_21 ABSTRACT
22 Key-Aggregate Searchable Encryption (KASE) for Group Data Sharing via Cloud Storage LM_J015_22 ABSTRACT
23 Cost-Effective Authentic and Anonymous Data Sharing with Forward Security LM_J015_23 ABSTRACT


24 Privacy-Preserving and Truthful Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks LM_J015_24 ABSTRACT
25 Tracking Message Spread in Mobile Delay Tolerant Networks LM_J015_25 ABSTRACT
26 Tracking Message Spread in Mobile Delay Tolerant Networks LM_J015_26 ABSTRACT
27 Dynamic Routing for Data Integrity and Delay Differentiated Services in Wireless Sensor Networks LM_J015_27 ABSTRACT
28 Privacy-Preserving Ciphertext Multi-Sharing Control for Big Data Storage LM_J015_28 ABSTRACT


29 Privacy-Preserving Ciphertext Multi-Sharing Control for Big Data Storage LM_J015_29  ABSTRACT
30 Privacy-Control Cloud Data Access Privilege and Anonymity With Fully Anonymous Attribute-Based Encryption

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ieee projects in pondicherry
ieee projects in pondicherry

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